MapNap by PixelEspresso
A talking location-based alarm for sleepy commuters
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MapNap makes commuting less stressful by notifying you — a sleepy, reading, chatting, playing, or otherwise busy commuter — when you arrive at your destination. And the new version 1.3 even tells you where you have arrived.

Destinations at a glance

Add your favourite stations, rearrange them, tap destination icon to turn tracking on and off, and easily stop all tracking using toolbar button. Open Settings to choose between metric and imperial distance units. Tap destination to see its details and modify title, location, or arrival actions.

Destination details

Edit destination title and location, toggle spoken announcements, choose a sound to play on arrival, turn vibration alert on or off, and start or stop tracking.


Use local search or tap and hold to drop a pin anywhere, then quickly choose one of the predefined geofence sizes. Locate yourself by tapping the left toolbar button and see both your current position and the destination by tapping the right toolbar button.

Arrival notification

MapNap displays an arrival alert if it is currently open, or a local notification if running in the background. It also tells you the destination name and then plays your chosen alert sound and/or vibrates once. Use headphones for best results.