Keep an eye on your credit card debt with minimal effort
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Credit card or PayPal

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What you do

New Card Popover

Tell BadPlastic about your cards: name them, enter last digits of their numbers as a reminder, choose currency

New Statement Toolbar Button

File your statements as they arrive in post, or get them from your attic, in any order you like

New Statement Popover

For each statement, enter the balance, card limit, payment amount, and percentage rate (monthly or annual)

What the app does


Shows a zoomable timeline of statements, scaled according to card limit


Approximates balances for missing statements so that the timeline appears contiguous


Shows which card is the most expensive by estimating the annual percentage rate, so that you can snowball that card first

Percentage of Credit Used

Shows percentage of credit used, which may affect your credit score

Months Left

Estimates number of monthly pay­ments left until the card is paid off, and the card's debt-free date

Debt-Free Date

Summary bar shows total debt, used and available credit, and estimates overall debt-free date.